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type 2 diabetes is reversible

Type 2 Diabetes Is Reversible

Type 2 Diabetes is reversible on Keto. And that’s great news considering 52% of adults in the US suffer from this elevated blood sugar condition. For those who suffer from type 2, you know it can be a total pain in the arse. The struggle is real when you’re watching your blood sugar like it’s a binge-worthy Netflix show. But there’s a solution you may not have tried! Although there’s no foolproof cure for type 2 diabetes, it’s possible to reverse and ease the symptoms with the keto lifestyle. Reversing type 2 diabetes means keeping HbA1C below 6.5% without medication. Of course, to check it’s working, you’ve still gotta keep track of your blood pressure. So how exactly can we reverse the symptoms? First, let’s take a little refresher tour on keto! 


Okay, so remember ketosis? We did a whole piece on her, click here to get a full run down if you missed it!  It’s when the body burns fat instead of carbohydrates for fuel by unleashing ketones. Ketones are small molecules made from fat in the liver. They provide the necessary energy to fuel important organs like the brain, heart, and muscles. You know, to keep us movin’ and groovin’ through life! Ketones are clinically proven to help in reducing oxidative stress, improving insulin sensitivity and inflammation. These are some of the main beasts behind type 2 diabetes. 


Ketones are produced from fat and fats are friends (yep,you heard me!). Although fats have a bad reputation, fat is essential for energy and doesn’t need insulin to be broken down. Therefore, not a problem with insulin resistance. In a ketogenic diet, fat is the main source of energy, so it’s much easier to keep your blood sugar levels in check! It does require a reduction in the consumption of carbohydrates and modifying your protein intake. It can take a few weeks to see the results, but it will be worth it!

 A ketogenic diet may help some people with type 2 diabetes because it allows the body to maintain glucose levels at a low but healthy level. When you lower your intake of carbohydrates in your diet, it can help control high spikes in blood pressure. This in turn eases the pressure on insulin production which diabetes sufferers battle. It is totally worth discussing the benefits of keto with your doctor, especially if you are following a diet in conjunction with prescribed medication. 

It’s no secret we love the keto life. Not only is it great for weight loss and lowering blood pressure, it also keeps us energized. You can actually eat delicious and filling foods, without being miserable and feeling like you’re missing out. As we said up top,  type 2 diabetes is reversible if you keep your blood sugar levels normal.  However, commitment is key. It’s crucial to maintain a low carb, high fat diet in order to maintain ketosis and stay on track. Feel free to check out our other posts on keto and let us know your experiences with reversing type 2 diabetes!