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Welcome to my cozy little corner. I’m Andie, the sista gurl behind Cumber’s Corner. I’m a keto enthusiast and lover of all things home, that is everything except cleaning windows and baseboards. 

With nothing but time on my hands during this pandemic and unable to do makeup I turned my eye to a new profession, creating a lifestyle blog.  We’re a lifestyle blog that’s here to help inspire you to elevate your home from interior design, to DIY projects and pretty much all things home.  Because having a happy home and healthy heart are important to me, I’m also including my Keto Journey.  Why Keto?  Well, as a woman who is post menopause I found losing weight very difficult, that is until Keto.  Many of my friends who’ve seen my progress began to ask questions about keto, so rather than tell the story over and over what better way to share my journey with them and you through my blog. 


I started Keto with my bestie in Chicago on April 4, 2019 under the supervision of Dr Inbar Kirson. Good thing too because before starting keto she did a blood panel that revealed I had high Cholesterol was pre-diabetic, had insulin resistance, was Vit D deficient and obese. Now that kind of news was enough to scare me straight into making some changes.  At 5’9” I was tipping the scale at 227 lbs and had a BMI of 33.3%. Basically what I was eating could send me to an early grave, so do you know your numbers! But before I could I sign up for this new lifestyle change I had to ask myself could I afford to eat healthy? Whole Foods whole paycheck ring a bell?

Another friend suggested I’d be even more successful if I added the carb manager into the mix. I found it to be helpful with recipes, meal planning, tracking micronutrients, and carb counting. It also helped me shop for only the things I need so I could stay within my budget.

Starting Keto wasn’t all smooth sailing. Reducing the amount of carbs and eliminating sugar will have an effect on your body as you try to reach ketosis.  I was lucky because Dr Kirson gave me tips on how to curb the side effects so my symptoms were minimal. But I still experienced low energy and headaches for the first four days and then it subsided. I can’t tell you how important it is to include your doctor in your decision to start Keto because Keto is not a one size fits all. A good example, my bestie is doing a low carb low fat form of Keto and I’m doing low carb high fat. So the blood work is critical in knowing how your body functions and which variation of keto to follow for the best results.

The upside to keto is I noticed after going into ketosis I no longer craved sweets, and my portion sizes got smaller since I was easily satisfied.  My weigh-ins showed a weight loss of about 3 pounds a week and according to Dr Kirson, “I was crushing it”. This doesn’t mean I wouldn’t think about the things I used to eat that gave me pleasure. Those pleasurable memories can be a mofo, but I’m here to tell you that too will subside. How do I know this?  Because one weekend I caved and decided to have Five Guys burger and fries and the next day J.B. Alberto’s Pizza. The experience was not how I remembered. It didn’t taste the same and did nothing for the pleasure zone in my brain. Turns out my weekend binge wasn’t even worth it.

Now I live in Austin. TX and while I’m not able to have the weigh-ins, I’m still following my Keto plan. Despite the pandemic, I can report a total loss of 45 pounds. Having to quarantine for many of us hasn’t been easy and have taken to eating for comfort.  Truth be told, I’ve been consuming more carbs but I haven’t lost or gained any additional weight.  This is what we call the maintenance mode and I’ll take that as long as we are still dealing with Covid19.   Besides the blog I also have a facebook group so if you want to hang out with other peeps on the corner then send us a request to join our facebook groupWe don’t have a lot of rules but you’ll need to agree to a few questions to get approval to join.