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Setting the Mood

Weather you’re inviting a few of your peeps over or planning a holiday dinner for family, setting the mood on your table will always add to the experience of the food you prepare for your guests. So lets get this table set!

Having a theme is a good place to start.  Your theme can be casual or glamorous.  It can be food related like taco night or high tea, here’s me screaming Downton Abby… yassss!  Or it can be a holiday theme, I’m a sucker for a great halloween table.   In a nut shell it can be pretty much anything you like.  You’ll find starting with a theme is helpful when you have to tie other accessories for the overall look and feel of the table. 

Next comes dinnerware.  If you want to get more bang for your buck I suggest getting a serving of 8-12 in white.  White is versatile and will always compliment any color you choose to bring in.  

Lighting creates ambience and if you’re preparing a dinner it can add an element of intimacy to the room.  I chose to use these mini tea lights since my theme was succulents.  

Because I’m a little fancy, for glassware I decided to use crystal wine goblets.  This was a collection I found at Marshalls several years ago and at the time they only had a serving of six that included the a water glass, champagne flute and wine goblet.  Of course I didn’t write the name of the maker after removing the label so now that I want to add another six of each, I have no way of knowing who made it.   So, if you recognize this collection please let me know.  I really want to get more to complete the set, but I’m willing to take whatever can be find.

Layering/texture can be achieved by adding placemats and napkins.  This placemats was perfect to add a little pop of color.  

The napkin was folded in the cone style.  Now you can tuck your silverware in the pocket but I decided to add Rosemary.  Herbs are a great addition to the table especially when the theme is coming from nature and if you are growing herbs in your yard you don’t have far to go to pick some.  Cut a little twine, tie a bow and voilá you have a nice element on the plate.  The meal I was preparing wasn’t to extravagant so a more casual place setting as you see pictured was all I needed.

Light the candles and all that’s left is to serve the meal.  I hope this inspires you to try doing something fun with succulents.  If you do, please share in Cumber’s Corner facebook group or tag us @cumberscorner on instagram.  Bon Appétit!